A great way to do your shopping

Credit catalogue are a great way to do your shopping by letting you pay for the items you purchase later or in installments. Shopping this way provides you a convenient way to buy expensive items in times when you are not in a position to pay in cash.

If you have low earnings, high expenditure and lack of sufficient cash purchases items you need in cash, Credit catalogues helps you out of budgetary limitations brought about by such situations.Initially, the term credit catalogues only applied to printed catalogues companies would deliver to their clients. These days, companies that offer credit catalogues issue both printed and online catalogues. To make a purchase, you need to browse through the catalogue containing a list of items available. Place an order for an item to have it delivered to you. This mode of purchase only applies to the items listed in the catalogue.

You are then expected to make the necessary payments according to the agreed upon arrangement, options available include Pay Weekly Catalogues, monthly and even yearly catalogues.Pay weekly Credit CataloguesDifferent companies offer different types of items on credit. You can find catalogues for Men’s Shoes, Ladies shoes, household appliance and other types of personal effects.Pay weekly catalogues allow you to purchase items on hire purchase by repaying the required installments on a weekly basis. Examples of Pay weekly CataloguesBrightHouse – deals with everything from mobile phone handsets to furniture and entertainment equipment. Delivery of the items you order takes up to 7 days, products also come with insurance.Littlewoods – Also deals with a wide variety of products ranging from electrical appliance to clothes.Buy as you view – lets you buy anything from furniture, cloths and personal accessories at a few.

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These companies deal in a wide variety of goods from household appliances, furniture, mobile phones and cloths. This means that you can get almost anything you need and pay for it in weekly installments. The amount of money you are required to pay on a weekly basis depends on the item you purchase. Benefits of Pay weekly CataloguesFree credit – This is usually the case when you pay off your balance during the interest free period. You get quick loans on items you cannot afford without having to worry about interest rates.Convenient Loan – This is a convenient way to buy items that you really need but lack the adequate finances. Rather than going through a long process of applying for loans such as payday loans, you can easily obtain the items you need and pay for them weekly.Bad Credit? – If you have a poor credit history and are not eligible for loans, you could still get pay weekly catalogues effortlessly.Easy installmentsNo matter how little your income is, you can afford items that you would otherwise not be able to. Credit catalogues allow you to adequately plan on the available resources no matter how little.With the economy biting hard, it has become harder to save for the expensive items you wish to buy. Pay weekly catalogues are the convenient solution to owning even expensive items without having to part with a big amount of cash at once.

Rebuilding your credit history

This might seem complicated to some degree, particularly because having a bad credit score will prevent you from getting approved for other credits and loans. There are several things you can do to improve your credit history, and they only aspect that you should be truly concerned about is time. It might take a long time until you manage to improve your score and get approved for other loans, so you should better begin as soon as possible in order to be successful.Get Out of Debt FirstSince your credit history is bad, it is very likely that the cause that led you to this outcome was debt. As a result, the first thing you should do in order to repair your credit score is getting out of debt, which will enable you to make further payments on time. If your income is fairly low, you should consider working additional hours or getting a second job, so that you can earn enough money to pay off your debts. Sometimes, even getting hired in a part-time position can help you, but it is always important to be financially responsible and attempt to save more money on utility bills or other monthly expenditures. In this way, you will be able to redirect the money you save towards paying off the debts faster.Pay Your Bills on TimeOnce you get out of debt, you have to start paying all your bills on time.

Pay Your Bills

Your credit history will be highly influenced by these payments, and being late will only worsen your credit score even more. Whether we talk about mortgage, credit card, car loans, health insurance, utility bills, rent or cell phone, you have to pay all your bills and taxes in a timely manner, so you will not get reported for late payment. This will show up in your credit report, and your credit score will be very much affected. Take Small LoansAnother important thing you can do in order to rebuild your credit history is taking small loans instead of large ones. Assuming that your income would not allow you to pay off a larger credit with bigger interest rates, you can prove that you are financially responsible by taking smaller ones, which will help you improve your score. Paying it off on time and avoiding debt will lay a solid credit foundation that will bring you many positives for your credit report. Moreover, lenders will be more likely to extend significant amounts in the future, so you can take larger loans.Take a Small Loan with a Co-SignerSometimes, taking a small loan with a co-signer can constitute an excellent way to raise your credit score and history. If you are still unable to get approved for a credit by yourself, having another individual to co-sign for the loan will authorize you to get it, though. Use this option as a small resort, and always keep in mind that you can improve your credit history at a great deal if you maintain a positive repayment history.

Pay Monthly Catalogues

In the last decade or so, the number of people opting for pay monthly catalogues has been rising steadily. This is clear from the increase in the number of stores offering the service, and also upsurge in the number of inquiries about the service. The popularity can also be seen from the rise in the number of reviews on different firms and products. The monthly payment catalogue is simply a service that allows a consumer to buy goods now and pay them later on a monthly basis. Why People Choose Pay Monthly CataloguesCatalogue service has been in existence in the UK for more than a decade. However, the nature of service has been changing overtime. This is attributed to a more demanding customer and also better technology. People choose this mode of purchase because of various reasons. First, it allows the shopper to spread the cost over a period. Secondly, a customer is able to buy goods without spending a penny. Third, people with low or poor credit rating are also eligible for the service. Forth, customers are able to use the goods within a short period of time courtesy of next day delivery.Who May QualifyDifferent firms offering the service have different terms and conditions. The nature of service will also depend on factors such as credit rating, repayment period, and amount used.

Generally, a person has to have attained the age of 18 years. However, some firms may accept a person aged at least 16 years. A prospective applicant should also have proof of income and possess an identification card. A bank statement and the physical address are also required. The credit score is also considered although some firms may overlook this.Nature of ItemsOver the years, the nature of items offered by the retailers has increased. Many stores will sell electronic goods, home appliances, clothing, gaming consoles, furniture, toys, gift items, and much more. The stores include Freeman, Littlewoods, JD Williams, and many others. Some stores have opted to specialize in particular goods rather than deal in different goods. For instance, Jacamo sells plus sized men clothing, while Simply Be specializes in clothing for plus size women. Marisota as well as My Style stores focus on a variety of female clothing.Choosing Pay Monthly CataloguesSelecting the right store or service is always a daunting task. This is due to the fact that many firms currently exist in the market. The terms also vary from one store to another. The prices keep fluctuation due to intense competition. To get the best package, it is necessary to consider factors such as rate of interest, repayment period, interest free days, next day delivery, flexibility of service, quality of service, and much more.

A few years back, lack of cash or good credit rating basically meant a person had to struggle to purchase goods. Fortunately, in the modern world, this predicament has been minimized. A person lacking funds or looking to improve his credit rating only needs to identify a good firm offering pay monthly catalogues service.

No Credit Check Catalogues

It is a known fact that the economy in the UK is quite volatile. The value of money is also diminishing as the days go by. People have to dig deeper into their pockets in order to keep up with the ever increasing cost of living. The most affected group happens to be people with poor credit history. Unlike other people, they are less likely to be offered credit or loans by money lenders, loan providers, and other financial institutions. Fortunately, all is not lost. Thanks to No Credit Check Catalogues, they can also enjoy same benefits like other people with good credit.What Are No Credit Check Catalogues?Due to the financial constraints, people in the UK are turning to catalogue services. This service enables a person to buy goods and pay for them later. Usually, the service is offered to people with good credit repayment history. However, there are some service providers who also provide No Credit Check catalogues. This simply means that people with poor credit are also eligible to purchase goods and pay for them later. Goods purchased include electronics, clothing, computers, toys, furniture, baby clothing, home furnishing, games, and much more.How Do They WorkOrdinarily, a retailer will allow an individual to purchase goods and pay for them later as long as his credit record is good. However, No Credit Check catalogues overlook the credit history hence provide the services depending on other aspects. They will only consider a customer’s ability to pay. This will entail confirming that he has a source of income and also asking for the recent bank statements. Other requirements are Proof of address and ID.Types of No Credit Check CataloguesDue to the high risk, this option will normally come with stringent measures. For example, higher rate of interest, shorter repayment period, or requirement to deposit an amount as security.
Creditcataloguescouk Credit Catalogues

Generally, the catalogue comes in the following categories:

Buy Now, Pay Later: – The minimum or full amount is settled within 3 to 12 months.

Weekly Payment: – The minimum or full amount is paid within a week.

Fortnightly: – repayment done after two weeks.

Monthly Payment: – Minimum or full payments settled within a month.

The modes of payment include cash, credit card, debit card, mobile phone payment, or electronic funds transfer (EFT).

No one can refute the fact that No Credit catalogues have brought relief to many people who are victims of poor credit. Nonetheless, the fact that a person has poor credit also makes him prone to high rates of interest or unfriendly terms of payment. It is therefore advisable to research on the best option which will make life easier rather than widening the financial burden. Talking to friends and comparing different quotes are some ways of getting the best deal.

Buy Now Pay Later – Apply Online Today!

Buy now pay later is exactly how it sounds. You get to buy what you want right away and pay for it at a later date. This “payment delay” period can vary from 1 month to 4 years depending on the retailer and cost of the item. If, for example, you’re buying an expensive item such as a TV or sofa, you can quite often get at least 6 months where you have to pay nothing. Smaller, less expensive items such as clothes and accessories will only allow you to get a shorter, “pay nothing” period.

Many catalogues and online retailers now offer this credit option to their customers when they open a personal account with them. These include Littlewoods, Very, Jacamo, Fashion World, Simply Be, Marisota and The Brilliant Gift Shop. There are lots more though! AdvantagesThere are numerous advantages of using a “buy now pay later” finance plan when you shop online, and most of them are pretty obvious. The main benefit is that you get what you want without having to pay for it immediately. This is ideal for anyone who is currently struggling for cash, or someone who has just moved home, etc. As with all credit plans, if you repay what you owe on time then your credit rating will improve. Again, this can be vital for those who already have a poor credit rating as many catalogues still accept customers who have a bad credit history. DisadvatangesThere are a few major drawbacks of using any credit option to buy things and that is that it will usually cost you more than if you bought the item up front. Many retailers will charge you interest from day 1 of you borrowing which can cause the total amount you pay to be far higher than retail price. If you miss an repayments your credit rating will suffer because of it. This can of course adversely affect your chances of getting approved for credit elsewhere.

We are based in the UK and specialise in the online catalogue market. We compare the UK’s top catalogues so that you can make the right choice when choosing one.